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Learn Azure AD

Here is a list of resources from around the web that I have found helpful to share with customers when they ask me how they can learn more about Azure Active Directory.

Protocols and Token Flows

Often when I am asked "When do my users have to do MFA?" I always have to answer with "That depends" which is a bit of an ambiguous answer.  However, in order to understand when someone might be asked for additional proofs,  you need a basic understanding of what protocols and what token flows are in use depending on the use case.

I usually recommend people view the sessions from MS Ignite 2018 which provides a good foundation for understanding the modern protocols in use, and how the flows are enacted per the usage scenario.

Introduction to identity standards - BRK3238

An IT pros guide to Open ID Connect OAuth 2.0 with the V1 and V2 Azure Active - BRK3234

Troubleshooting OpenID Connect and OAuth2.0 protocols on Azure Active Directory - BRK4022